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Exploring Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions

The public cloud has emerged as an ideal platform for big data, providing businesses with the resources and services they need on demand. Cloud services like Apache Spark or Hadoop integrate seamlessly with big data processing frameworks such as Apache Spark, allowing organizations to perform complex data analytics, machine learning, and data transformations. Cloud resources are elastic, enabling analytics to scale up and down according to workload, offering a flexible solution for data-driven insight.


The Role of Data Warehousing in Big Data Technology

Data warehousing has become an important component in the era of big data technology. As data coming from different sources continues increasing, organizations require a centralized and consolidated repository to store and manage vast amounts of data from multiple sources. This is where data warehousing comes into play. By bringing together diverse data sets into a single, unified location, data warehousing enables organizations to access and analyze large volumes of data efficiently.


Big Data - Yes, It's Still Growing

Big data is now one of the leading buzzwords in technology circles. It is a technology or concept that you have probably heard of and has impacted you, one way or another, as we are all living in a data-driven world. As the world continues adopting devices of various types, most of which are connected, global data continue growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Here are the latest trends that lead to growth in big data.


Data Scraping 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse Leaks

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse databases were not breached – according to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse. Instead - the three social media platforms say they were targets of data scraping which is super different than an out right data breach. So while your personal information is definitely floating around on the dark web thanks to these “data scraping” incidents– the CEOs of these three companies don’t want you to worry. While data scraping is technically legal – you should be concerned about these recent incidents if you ever stored sensitive information on any of these accounts.


These 4 Issues May Cause Trouble for Your Big Data Efforts

Big data analytics has become a leading area of investment for many organizations that seek to take advantage of technology to improve their services. While this technology holds great promise in this age, it has some obstacles that one must overcome to realize full potential. However, before investing in big data analytics, you must investigate various data analytics issues, explore the potential causes, and find possible solutions to these problems. Here are four problems that may cause trouble for your big data efforts.


Struggling Students Rely on AI Chatbots Throughout Pandemic

What began as a tool to help students at California State University campuses stay on track – artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots quickly became a lifeline to many students isolated due to the pandemic. After hearing of a similar program at Georgia State University- Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Studies at Cal State Northbridge applied for a grant to help students at California State Universities excel at the school both on an academic and personal level. According to Adams the AI chatbots were created with freshmen and transfer students in mind as well as students who are the first in their families to go to college. “It's especially appealing to first-generation students because they don't always know what questions to ask or who to ask them to, and they don't like being embarrassed about it," Adams noted.


Making Use of Big Data is Top Priority

Last year was a tough year for any organization, regardless of the industry they operate in. Many things did not go as expected. The pandemic hit many businesses to an extent never witnessed before, with some of them even closing altogether due to the adverse effects of the pandemic. During the crisis, IT became a solution to many problems as people were forced to work from home. One thing that stood out in all this is big data and big data analytics. It is clear that with the right technology thatprovides actionable insights, people can work from home and still be as productive as working from the office. Here are some big data trends that will alter the tech landscape in 2021.


Israeli Study Shows Pfizer Vaccine is 94% Effective

A study out of Israel comparing two groups of 600,000 people found that symptomatic Covid-19 cases dropped a whopping 94 percent with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The study, conducted by Health maintenance organization (HMO) Clalit, Irsael’s largest health care provider also found that 92 percent of participants who received the Pfizer vaccine were less likely to become seriously ill with the virus.


Are You Adjusting Your Big Data Strategies for 2021?

 Unlike decades ago, big data is no longer just a buzzword. It has come off age and is now revolutionizing workplace and businesses. According to a report by Forester Research, almost 40% of organizations are implementing and expanding big data technology adoption. Regardless of its standing, a business that lacks a clear and holistic data strategy that dictates its long term strategies lacks a competitive edge and is likely to fall behind in the current business environment. Similarly, failure to adjust your big data strategies will lead to challenges.


Look for These Changes This Year

Unlike two decades ago, big data is no longer just a buzzword but a technology that promises to change many industries. The big data concept has become widespread due to its influence on other sectors and the AI industry's financial growth. As companies and businesses continue gaining strength each year by increasing their data analytics platforms, the industry is expected to be worth more than $100 billion by 2023. According to a survey, an average person is expected to generate more than 1.7 megabytes of data per second this year. Seeing the critical nature of big data in businesses' day-to-day operations makes it crucial to know the possible trends.


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